Information about Sagejoy


Community Life Event Mentorship & Emotional Wellness

This is a place to meet a new mentor (aka "Sage" or "Sage Mentor") or mentee for all things related to weddings, post wedding life and other life events, including questions regarding starting a new family, the childbirth process, relationship issues, the passing/illness of a loved one, and workplace stress (i.e. coworker issues). This is a platform to get or be a listening ear for another person who may have difficult people in their life, such as issues with his/her in-law, parent, significant other, bridesmaid/groomsmen, etc. 

The problem is that few people are able to listen to someone vent away for free, not even friends who typically nowadays have no time, patience, experience in the issue or willingness to jeopardize a friendship by potentially saying the wrong thing, yet everyone wants to be heard and understood on a deep level. At the same time, people also become emotionally weighed down by all of their thoughts and have difficulty making decisions. Sagejoy™ is a solution, a peer-to-peer platform to easily connect  experienced peers with mentees for venting and mentorship. Mentors who can empathetically listen and help a mentee come up with a solution. Licensed Professionals are available too for those seeking psychotherapy which is different than mentorship. Psychotherapy is for those who seek medical help. Mentorship is not for those who think they need medical help or a therapist. Furthermore, advice is not given in psychotherapy, while advice is provided in mentorship based on the mentor's own personal experiences as they have had a similar issue experienced.

Sometimes we just need to let go and express our inner feelings. Once you let your emotions out, your mind will begin to feel free. Be honest with how you really feel. If something is bothering you, talking it out or venting with someone will lift a burden from your chest. Letting your feelings out regularly over time will make you feel better and ease your mind.

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