Information about Sagejoy

How it works

How it works

1. Discover - search the website to uncover some of the wisest mentors (aka "Sages")

Pick a date and proceed to book. 

You can use our filters to help with your search and search by availability or service type.

2. Book - book your Sage in just a few clicks. Enter your preferred date and time; then enter your payment details and send your booking request.

You will then get confirmation from your Sage within 3 days (although usually much sooner).

It's as easy as that!

Remember: Your card will only be charged if your booking request gets accepted.

3. Meet your mentor - If you have any questions in the run-up to your meeting with your Sage, then you can keep in touch with your Sage using our instant messenger system.

4. Repeat

For mentors (aka "Sages") Are you a newlywed or have a lot of wedding and/or family experience and are willing to listen and give out sage life advice from your personal experience? Do you also have extra time on your hands but would like to earn supplemental income while helping someone navigate their most important life decisions and personal stressors?  Are you an excellent conversationalist and empathetic listener? Then this is the place for you. Sign up on and create a listing showing when you are available to listen to your mentee vent their frustrations. You can show your days available on a monthly basis and the hours as well. You can phone call each other, Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat/etc.  or video chat. It's up to you and how you feel most comfortable talking to your new mentee. 

There is a 15% commission automatically deducted from your net payment to cover operating & platform costs and Stripe payment processing fees. Financial data encryption along with movement of funds is done securely through Stripe.

Free Trials- Minimum Transaction Size $0.50 
For listings where mentors want to provide free trials, the listings will show as $0.50 cost to the mentee due to there being a minimum transaction size that must be at least equal to Stripe's minimum fee of $0.50 per booking. Sagejoy does not earn anything on these types of listings, but it is a great way for mentees to meet new mentors and see if there is a fit, along with helping mentors to collect reviews. 

For menteesAre you having trouble with your mother-in-law, significant other, coworker, work stress, your parents, a bridesmaid, or wedding planning stress and anxiety? Or are you yourself unhappy with the bride and groom, your daughter or son? Are you wondering what it is really like to start a family? Do you have a lot of pent up frustration and want to vent but have no one willing to listen or to talk to, or do not want to burden your friends/family & would like to keep your complaints private from your social circle? Or, do you have a friend or an acquaintance willing to listen but you would like to compensate or reward them for their time? If so, then this platform may be helpful for you to find a  mentor (aka "Sage") or have your friend list their services on this platform so you can show your appreciation for their help and time. Sometimes we need to talk out our inner emotions to make sense of how we really feel and what next steps to take. You may need more than one session to brainstorm. The concept is that as you talk more and let go of your pent-up inner stress, you will eventually feel liberated of your emotional burden, get some inner peace and clarity of mind. It usually works, give it a try!